The City States of Aetolia: Mini-Setting Collaboration

Hello all! Ecstatic to be sharing another highly-illustrative regional map, another vision made in cooperation with our friends at Kelfecil’s Tales.C2A0

This greco-roman inspired “mini-setting” is so named as the accompanying PDF below is “miniature” in size (relative to an entire setting book that is), but is chock full of history, lore, adventure hooks, creatures, and rollable encounters.

The City States of Aetolia itself is a depiction of a several “city states” emerging from the shared history of a cataclysmic event that shattered the civilization previously dominating this region. These settlements are inhabited by collections of bird-like humanoids (“the Aetolia”) as well as dragonborn (“the Vidreki”) that vie for contested control of the islands and coastline.C2A0

As a part of the region’s conceptualization, I’ve gathered some “map suggestions” of previously released locations that would be fitting for this setting (as partially linked to in the PDF). If you’ve been around for a while or are a $3+ patron you do not need to re-download these battle maps, but for your convenience I’ve repackaged them in a handy ZIP below.

Lastly, the interior of the PDF is lucky to feature the custom artwork of collaborator Dusky Cat, whose work you may recognize as well from the Mind Prison adventure. This artwork is also available as separate, isolated PNGs for you to use as tokens or simply as visual reference and inspiration.

Check it out!