Spells of the Unfathomable: The Tomes of Melchior IV

The realms of the mind are often limited to the strong, the brave, or the mad, and depending on who you ask, the line between them is razor thin. Be it a cult member, an occultist, a victim, or a weary warrior crusading against the unknown, this tome contains the spells to bring your vision for a character who has touched the realms beyond into any campaign.

Enhance your characters and monsters with 60 new spells themed around the mind, the flesh, and the entities beyond the stars. Mold the flesh of your allies to new forms, instill fear in the fearless, brush up against mighty eldritch entities, see through objects, grow to titanitc size, shatter the minds of your foes, and more. All spells contained within this book are designed to balance well with the officially released content, and can be easily added to any campaign setting.

This supplement contains:

  • Five cantrips: Brain Fog, Feedback Loop, Goading Murmurs, Occult Scrawl, Tic
  • Nine 1st-level spells: Abhorrent Carapace, Belittling Whispers, Elastic Flesh, Eyes of Other, Gnawing Flesh, Insignificance, Kinetic Feeding, Mutate, Mutiny
  • Eight 2nd-level spells: Body Link, Creeping Dread, Empyrean Clapperclaw, Flesh of Holding, Immutable, Inexorable, Mold the Flesh, Shown Fear
  • Eight 3rd-level spells: Black Speech, Compounding Mind Bite, Distracting Murmurs, Illusion of Peace, Hand of Burning Fear, Mass Limb, Mental Shock, Yearn for the Void
  • Seven 4th-level spells: Black Sabre, Empyrean Roar, Enduring, Lashing Mass, Mass Mental Projection, Rising Terror, Void Manifestation
  • Seven 5th-level spells: Alien Form, Facsimile of Life, Hideous Visage, Intellect Devour, Devouring Smite, Spectral Gaze, Terrorize
  • Five 6th-level spells: Behemoth Form, All-Seeing Eye, Spread Resilience, Tendrils from the Void, White Noise
  • Five 7th-level spells: Abhorrent Revelations, Abnormal Mass, Conjure Shambling Mass, Jedediah’s Null Beam, Shawl of Yellow
  • Three 8th-level spells: Gaze of the Far Ones, Incursion, Nigh Invulnerability
  • Three 9th-level spells: Immortal, Jedediah’s Mass Obliteration, Thrown to the Void

Check back later for more spells, subclasses, feats and items.

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