The Ails of Knightmyre

Welcome to the City of Knightmyre, a once-thriving theocratic hub that has fallen under the control of Nanny Eula, an ancient gubbin hag with sinister motivations and untold powers. Through insidious poisoning, she eliminated the leaders of the theocracy and convinced the people that a deadly ‘plague’ had descended and was proof that Pelor had forsaken them. Over the next three generations, Nanny Eula has continued secretly poisoning the citizens of Knightmyre, all while maintaining their dependence on her to provide meager temporary cures. Will your players be able to unravel the gubbin hag’s devious deception and liberate the people of Knightmyre, or will they themselves be counted among the victims of ‘sunblight’?

This Adventure contains exclusive locations, monsters and items for your players to enjoy!

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