The Cliffs of Muhr & Map Pack (BUNDLE)

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351232-thumb140.png The Cliffs of Muhr
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New price drop to help celebrate the end of a long, looooong year! In the basement of a wizard’s tower, an unseen servant heaves another discarded dimension door on a jumbled pile, the detritus of years of experiments on interdimensional travel, sending them tumbling into, and through, each other. Amongst the chaos the portals take on lives of their own, flying wildly through the ether they spin a thaumaturgic web linking strange and forsaken places, remote in both space and time. Stumbling through a rogue portal as a last-ditch attempt to escape certain death, a party of adventurers is caught up in the mayhem and sent careering through locations as diverse as a Cloud Giant’s playground, a lost jungle hidden within a towering waterfall and the remains of a massive castle set high up on a…