Core Spell Casting

Core Spell Casting:An Alternative Spell Casting System for 5th Edition

“A stream of butterflies pours from his mouth as the mage stumbles over his words, attempting to cast light. A cleric incurs disfavor from her deity by using divine magic to cleanse the wicked. The vines sprout thorns, as the natural order remembers the druids failure to protect the wild. By combining spell checks and a new system named Core (as well as a plethora of wild effects), this rule set promises to expand player casting agency while simultaneously increasing the excitingly unpredictable nature of magic.”

Welcome to the Core Spell Casting system! A much grittier and exciting twist on the original spell casting system of 5th edition. With quite of bit of inspiration from a plethora of other tabletop games, I set out to make a system that…

  • Increased the potential for dangerous and unpredictable magic while maintaining the 5th edition spirit of “common and reliable”.
  • Gave players more creativity and flexibility with how they use magic
  • Felt less gamey and more thematic (“consuming your core” instead of “using a spell slot”)

A well-rested wizard with a clear mind can easily remember the words and motions used to cast the spell. But as the wizard tires through the continual twisting of reality, the likelihood of deadly side effects increases. Instead of being limited by game numbers, the player is restricted by the increasing potential of doing something extremely dangerous. Magic may be common, but any with a bit of sense would know not to be greedy and tamper beyond what they are capable of handling.

Please let me know what you think, feedback is welcome!

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