Dynamic Classes


The Dynamic Classes manual allow players to CHOOSE the leveling path of their characters by selecting among a list of features they want as they level up instead of having them chosen for them. Every playthrough with any particular class can be totally different, and it makes for a very custom and satisfying leveling experience. Traditional classes have been reworked while keeping their unique flavor to allow for this dynamic system. Dynamic Classes can be played along traditional classes! Check out the preview to read more about how it all works 🙂

What’s Included?

  • 14 Classes – including the Dynamic Witch
  • 104 Subclasses
  • Artwork generated by AI Jasper for each subclass
  • Leveling Tables for each class to make leveling easy
  • Simple descriptions for each class and subclass’s feature along with linked detailed descriptions to make browsing fun and easy
  • Each class and subclass has been balanced with the utmost care and attention
Table of Included Classes and Subclasses
Dynamic Artificer Dynamic Barbarian Dynamic Bard Dynamic Cleric Dynamic Druid Dynamic Fighter Dynamic Monk Dynamic Paladin Dynamic Ranger Dynamic Rogue Dynamic Sorcerer Dynamic Warlock Dynamic Witch Dynamic Wizard
Guild of the Anvil Way of Ancestors Message of Creation Arcane Office Animal Grove Arcane Knight Dark Philosophy Traitor’s Vow Trail of the Archer Burglar Aberrant Heritage Aberrant Master Alchemical Coven Abjurer
Guild of the Blunderbuss Way of Beasts Message of Eloquence Authoritarian Office Cosmic Grove Athlete Draconic Philosophy Vow of the Avenger Trail of the Beast Cheat Celestial Heritage Celestial Master Blessed Coven Battlemage
Guild of the Gadgeteer Way of Devotions Message of Glamor Deluge Office Decomposing Grove Bowman Drunken Philosophy Vow of the Faithful Trail of the Huntsman Counterfeit Chaos Heritage Depths Master Daemonic Coven Conjurer
Guild of the Hedge Witch Way of Fury Message of Lore Duplicit Office Reverie Grove Chaos Soldier Elemental Philosophy Vow of the Free Trail of the Peculiar Detective Clockwork Heritage Fiendish Master Elicit Coven Diviner
Guild of the Medico Way of Powers Message of Spirits Erudite Office Terra Grove Honor Guard Masked Philosophy Vow of the Honorable Trail of the Simple Duelist Draconic Heritage Genie Master Vexing Coven Enchanter
Way of Seasons Message of Swords Hearth Office Untamed Grove Inknight Soul Philosophy Vow of the Victorious Trail of the Underdark Poisoner Fiendish Heritage Lifeless Master Evocator
Way of Shamen Message of Valor Manichean Office Karma’s Blade Psyblade Illusionist
Message of Whispers Merciful Office Mentalist Shadow Necromancer
Morbid Office Rider Shiv Transmuter
Radiant Office Tactician Warrior Mage
Time Office
Tranquil Office
Warfare Office
Wilds Office


Dynamic Fighter: Athlete Dynamic Cleric: Arcane Office Dynamic Druid: Decomposing Grove


Dynamic Rogue: Cheat Dynamic Sorcerer: Clockwork Heritage Dynamic Witch: Alchemical Coven

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