Pocket Teledrome Interdimensional Broadcast Network

Alright, folks. Here’s a weird one for you.

We’ve just released the next Series 3 set to backers at the Games level ($10+), who can find the Teledrome: Big Ol’ Mouthful in rewards folders now! For those at lower pledge levels, this set is available on our storefront (where you can use your patron discount) and on MyMiniFactory2E

This20is an overhaul of an old 3rd edition20set, and dives deep into Wayfarer Multiverse lore. It’s got some really unorthodox dynamics, including a huge base tile that enemies will have to dungeon-crawl to defeat, with random events based around malevolent A.I.-generated television programming spicing things up throughout.

For those of you who just signed up to a $10+ level this month (or upgraded from a lower pledge level), this set will still be there in the Games folder when new reward links go out about a week into December.

Check it out!