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416478-thumb140.png Psionic Races
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Psionic power requires races that are adapted to psionic energies. In this pamphlet are three races associated with psionic power: the dromite, the shardmind, and the wilden. These races are suitable for just about any campaign, whether psionics are a major part of your game or not. NOTE: The information here is otherwise identical to the information in Secrets of the Psiumarkh. Only use this product if you are NOT using the psionics system in Secrets of the Psiumarkh….

403057-thumb140.png The Psychonaut’s Bestiary: A Psionic-Themed Monster Manual for Fifth Edition
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This book presents over 40 psionic-themed monsters, adapted from previous editions with a few brand-new monsters. Challenge your players with strange creatures with unusual abilities. All the creatures herein are suitable for just about any Dungeons & Dragons game. Drop them into your game today! Note: This book is designed for those who are NOT using the psionics system outlined in Secrets of the Psiumarkh: A Psionics Handbook for Fifth Edition. If you are using that book, all of the monsters in this book are also in that book, with some slight tweaks….

402912-thumb140.png Treasures of the Mind Lords: Psionic Themed Magic Items for Fifth Edition
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Magic isn’t the only power source capable of producing objects of power. Inside this book, you’ll find over 50 psionic-themed magic items, 50 psionic-themed trinkets to add a dash of mystery and whimsy to your game, and four psionic artifacts of multiverse-shaking power. This book seamlessly integrates these items with any fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Note: If you have already bought Secrets of the Psiumarkh: A Psionics Handbook for Fifth Edition, the contents of this book will look very familiar. This book is for those who want to use the items, but don’t want to integrate the psionics system of that book into their game….

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