Solo Skirmish: Stone, Wood & Thunder (Fantasy Grounds)


This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

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5e Solo Gamebooks presentsSolo Skirmish: Stone, Wood & Thunder, the second installment in this series. Contained in this product are five more short DM-less quests to take your PCs from levels 6-10!

Stone, Wood & Thunderis a five-quest solo campaign that takes place within the Misty Forest in the Forgotten Realms. You meet some gnomes from the settlement of Treebridge, who are being persecuted by an unknown force. They implore you to investigate, and you are soon drawn into an epic power struggle between oppressors and oppressed! Epic battles, espionage, and a quest for a powerful relic will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this exciting, fast-paced campaign, with no need for a Dungeon Master.


Quest Sheet

The Solo Skirmish system is for the type of player who likes a bit of quick combat-based solo action, with each quest taking about 1-2 hours, depending on dice rolls. A progression of phases controls the action, players responding and making choices for 2 PCs. There are also adjustments for a party of 4.

The five phases are:

  • Location Phase (each PC makes rolls on location-specific table)

  • Encounter Phase (single roll for a random combat encounter)

  • Hero Phase (Each PC takes actions from a list of options)

  • Threat Phase (Threat Points advance by one and trigger a game effect).

  • Travel Phase (Spend Quest Points to travel to the next location)

Most quests are concluded with a major, boss-level combat encounter. The location table rolls allow you to discover items, gain boons (or banes), meet sidekicks, encounter events, traps and much more. Your PCs gain a level each time a quest is completed, keeping the action flowing and the interest high.

Also introduced in this Solo Skirmish are a couple of rules tweaks, includingVictory Points, encouraging you to lift the difficulty bar for your heroes. If you complete a quest without taking the optional long rest, you gain a Victory Point. Accumulate them and trade them in for Boon and Item Table Rolls. Risk it all for the promise of magic items and other rewards! And if you die, rewind to the start of the most recent scenario and start again.


This, coupled with the previous Solo Skirmish module in the series, is a very good way to get a well-rounded character formed for any up-and-coming campaign. Have a character build you’ve been thinking about playtesting? This series is great for trying out different combinations of classes and such. I’d highly recommend this series.

James H.

Just finished the 2nd quest in Solo Skirmish – The Cult of Mol’Goroz and I am convinced that this is the best solo product so far. The way that each location is broken up into an Exploration, Combat, and Hero phase is genius! By the second location of the first quest, the events of the exploration phase were weaving together to form an actual narrative. This narrative made the combat phase meaningful and not just some random battle… Hero phase actually gives Divination spells a purpose in solo play, thank you! Seriously, the way you use Divination spells in the Hero phase can be adapted to a normal game of D&D and your players would probably start using Divination spells a lot more. The whole experience felt less like solo play by entry number and more like DMing using story seeds. This method of solo play applied to the pre-written WotC stories would be game-changing. I can’t wait for the next installment of this story.

Elias L.

A fantastic unique twist on classic D&D that will keep the dice rolling and the levels flowing while you battle and travel through a very satisfying quest.

Christopher Logue

So, at the suggestion of my eldest kid, I created a pair of adventurers (A Half-Orc Barbarian called Gadur and his human chum, Mirish, a good natured grave cleric of the Raven Queen) and by the end of the fifth quest I have two, well rounded, level 6 characters, with loot and gear, and emerging personalities and ever emerging backstories and personality quirks that are just ready for a TTRPG, or more Solo Skirmishes. (hint, hint)

The format established by this system is good for a free afternoon or morning when you just need to get your d&d fix, or for a day’s worth of powering through with a friend. (there are even rules for playing with up to four others, so could be a fun cottage weekend getaway type thing.

James H.

Much ofSolo Skirmishis theatre of the mind, which means it is perfect for a quick, compact game requiring practically no set-up time (beyond creating your PCs). There are elements of standard multichoice solo adventures, as well as a simple, boardgame-inspired system which provides RP-light, quick, and tactical solo quests.

So pick up this intriguing new product and give yourself a very different D&D experience!


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