Tavern Map Pack 1

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all based around a tavern theme. There is a Tavern inside a tree, a magic tavern, a poor tavern, a fancy tavern, a tavern with a stage, and a tavern with a fighting pit to fit all your tavern needs. These maps come with and without a grid.

The Tavern Inside a Tree features a giant tree carved out and has a spiral staircase going up the middle. Every piece of furniture is carved from the tree so as to not waste any aspect of it. Could this tree tavern be located within an Elven tree city? Or perhaps within the Fae realm?

The Magic Tavern floats within the Astral Plane. It features dozens of islands that all float around the main dining area. Each island has a portal that goes back and forth between the main dining area. Could this be a nice rest stop for your Astral adventures? Or maybe a prime location for astral pirates to strike?

The Poor Tavern is perfect for the run down side of town. The map features broken tables, stained floors, and low quality bedding. There is one nice room but of course at an extra charge. What kind of shady hijinks could one get up to here?

The Fancy Tavern is for the most distinguished of characters. The live piano music and real bear pelt carpet in front of a roasting fire really heightens the atmosphere. Unlike other taverns, this one is run more closely to a restaurant with wait staff, kitchen, check in counter, and reservations. I’m sure the highest of class visitors come to stay at this tavern. I’m sure the gossip is to DIE for.

The Tavern with a Stage is perfect for the dinner theater enthusiast. Whether a play, musical, or band performance is happening this tavern is prepared for it. What kinds of drama could be happening behind those curtains?

The Tavern with a Fighting Pit is perfect for the classic brawlers in your group. Everyone loves a good bar fight, and this one is equipped with a fenced off section just for that. Next to the entry point of the pit is a medic table full of med kits and health potions to avoid any liability. This can be fun to make a quick gold piece or two betting, or maybe to put information on the line when fighting an NPC to get information.

These maps were made on Inkarnate.

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