Treasure: 100 Non-Magical Items

From the Dangers Series, this book contains 100 unique non-magical treasures that can provide an adventure party with sometimes useful, sometimes mysterious, but always sellable goods.

All items are between 1 and 2,500 gold pieces so unless they find a multi-item treasure hoard, they won’t be buying their own village just yet.

There are three indexes with which to choose or roll for the treasures.

Alphabetically, by Value (how many gold pieces they are likely to sell for) and by Category (types of item).

The item types included are:

  • Tools
  • Books
  • Weapons
  • Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Concoctions
  • Collectables
  • Jewellery
  • Art

Sample 1 - TablesSample 2 - Item DescriptionsSample 3 - Item Descriptions

Here are five treasure examples, randomly selected Alphabetically with a d100.

32. Dragon’s Teeth (Jewellery, 120gp). A set of polished and beautifully presented Blue Dragon’s teeth.

10. Book of Fey Portals (Book, 30gp). An antique book on Fey portals and how to identify one. It Mentions a number of known fey portals but does hint that not all are still open.

71. Seal of Royalty (Fake) (Collectables, 50gp). A forgery of the royal seal. A DC 15 Investigation/History check would spot the forgery.

51. Marble Necklace (Jewellery, 200gp). Made or rare minerals and very skilfully crafted.

70. Sculpture of a Goddess (Jewellery, 500gp). A bejewelled 2ft. stone figurine of the goddess of nature casting a spell with one hand while the other is in mid-transformation into an owl bear.

44. Halberd of Ceremonies (Weapon, 600gp). An ornate halberd, 100 years old, still sharp and in excellent condition. It is made for ceremonial occasions. In combat, it has reach (10ft. range) and is a two-handed weapon, dealing 1d10 slashing damage.

This item is priced at $3.45

This item is produced by Jon Paget

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