ClaugiyLiamatar’s (Green Dragon) Lair Map Pack!

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The woods were still.

In the distance, a skeleton trudged forward, its vacant stare fixed upon a large rock face to the west. Bits of withered flesh still clung to its bones, as did the tattered remains of the leather armor it wore in a past life.

The lifeless creature pushed through the branches of a nearby bush, sharp sticks scraping across the metal face the shield dangling from its right arm.

As it closed on the cliff ahead, something moved underfoot.

Glancing downward, the skeleton raised its rusty blade only to find a coil of thick vines peeking out from a nearby plant. Turning its attention back toward the cliff, it began to move when the coil unraveled and slid about the undead creature’s ankle.

Blank eye sockets peered downward once again, the blade slicing cleanly through the vine with a downward stroke. Another vine dipped from a tree branch overhead, ensnaring the hand wielding the blade.

The skeleton pulled against the strength of the vine, as another tendril snaked out from the grass to slither about its thigh. In a matter of moments, more vines wormed their way along the skeleton’s form, twisting and constricting like a scaleless snake.

For a moment, the collection of vines twisted and tightened, a leathery sound followed by the crack and splinter of bone. With a violent shudder, the vines released their grip and the shattered bones of the skeleton fell to the earth, still.

From up ahead, a soft rumble echoed from the mouth of a cave and a canopy of hanging vines fluttered as if disturbed by wind.

The woods were still2E