Grand Portal of Ikaz

Built upon the side of a rocky hill high above the plains, this towering structure holds a great portal that links to distant realms and realities.

Created to marshall invading forces through the portal from the plain below.

This is a 40×56 battle map with an optional 1″ grid at 140 DPI.

The VTT file is attached to this post, or you can use this link for the grid version and this link for no grid.

Extra Variants and Print Quality Available for Patrons

Patrons gain access to all variants for this map as well as over 435 unique maps (at time of posting) already released on this Patreon. This includes versions at print (300DPI) quality.

These variants include an open portal, night and a massive 40×80 hell invasion version.

The open version is made so you can place another map alongside and travel to it via the portal.

If you’re not a Patron then these links won’t work, however you can always check out my free maps to have a better look at a wider sample of what’s on offer

I have a selection of maps freely available andC2A0this post has links to all of the free content for this Patreon head over and take a look.

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