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315463-thumb140.jpg Underdark Dwellers: Drow & Driders
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JUNE 2021 UPDATE: This book was first published around a year ago on Dungeon Master’s Guild as my first semi-serious attempt at designing and writing D&D content. Now, with my current love project of Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary coming out soon, I wanted to go back and fix some of the mistakes this book had. It had some errors in the statblocks and some lack of quality with the artworks and the layout. Now, I have completely updated all of the statblocks, added multiple new gorgeous artworks, and also included two more NPCs to the book as a thank you to all of you who helped make this book a bestseller on the DM’s Guild. Enjoy! Taken inspiration from 2E Faiths & Avatars, Demihuman Deities, and 3E Underdark sourcebooks to add 15 new Drow and Drider types to your games. These …

399319-thumb140.jpg Underdark Dwellers: Exiles & Elementals
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“But it seemed very likely indeed that her birthright was nothing more than ash and rubble at the floor of Ched Nasad’s great chasm. Even if some part of her household had escaped, would she want to seek them out and join them in a miserable, squalid, and dangerous exile in the Underdark?”- Condemnation – War of the Spider Queen “Many of my kin died screaming in the dungeons of Castle Baenre. Of those who escaped, many more died in the long, hard years of exile in the lonely places of the Underdark.”- Condemnation – War of the Spider Queen Underdark Dwellers: Exiles & Elementalscontains more than 75 Underdark monsters, renegade NPCs & creatures (and some new player options with 2 new lycanthropes), some completely original and some adapted to 5E from previous editions. The …

359244-thumb140.jpg Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary
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“…On the fringe of Menzoberranyr territory, Valas Hune could sense the genuine wilderness beyond. He could feel its vast and labyrinthine spaces and hear its pregnant silences. He could smell and taste its variations of rock and imagined himself simply slipping away into that limitless world… – Dissolution, War of the Spider Queen. Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary contains more than 130 Underdark monsters & creatures (and some new player options such as 6 new lycanthropes), some completely original and some adapted to 5E from previous editions. In total, there are133monster stat blocks, all with beautiful art, in this book for the Dungeon Master to use in any campaign and adventure set in the Realm Below. From aquatic horrors such as the anguiliians and the…

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