The Barbarian: Reimagined

“An uncontrolled force of nature, who cannot be stopped.”

The Barbarian: Reimagined

If you have felt like the barbarian class doesn’t live up to the fantasy, welcome to the Reimagined series.

The barbarian is known for being an uncontrolled force of nature in D&D. A class focused on anger, power, and big weapons. With the Barbarian: Reimagined you can bring a new brand of ferocity to your D&D games, which unlocks that core fantasy.

Updating the classic class, this new take on the barbarian is recognizable to D&D 5th edition players, but with new features designed to make a barbarian feel exciting and different from any other class.

What’s Inside

  • Full class details for the Barbarian: Reimagined class.
    • Including updates to subclasses to fit with the new class.
  • A Reimagined version of the Path of the Berserker.
  • A brand new subclass: Path of the Soulless

The Full Class

The full class contains rules from level 1 to level 20, presented like any other class in the Player’s Handbook. You will find tweaks to Rage, and Reckless Attack, as well as brand new features includingCrippling Blow,Furious Charge, andRampaging Onslaught.

Reimagined Berserker

For many, the Path of the Berseker has felt like a disappointment for the subclass that best channels the ferocity of the class. This product provides a refresh to the Path of the Berseker doubling up on the new class design.

Path of the Soulless

Have you ever asked what the exact opposite of a wizard would be? Well here is your answer. A barbarian cursed to be an anti-magic soul. The Path of the Soulless brings the concept of the magical pariahs to your D&D game, individuals who are the living anti-thesis of the Weave, so unnatural that their presence frightens others.

The Reimagined Series

The Reimagined series exists to pass a new eye over classes in D&D which often feel they don’t quite hit the mark in invoking their core fantasy. Presenting new ideas and mechanics, hoping they inspire people to play the class the way they always wanted. You can find the other titles in the series below:

The Fighter: Reimagined

Unleash practiced combat maneuvers and showcase your well trained skill on the battlefield with this new version of the Fighter class. Also includes the Warlord Archetype subclass.

The Sorcerer: Reimagined

Become the wellspring of magic you always wanted, and bend the rules of magic imposed on mortals with this new version of the Sorcerer class. Also includes the Fey Child Origin subclass.

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