Astral Travelogue: Qusamat’s Star

Qusamat’s Star is a wildspace system for Spelljammer.

It includes a map of the system, adventure hooks to get characters there, details on each of the worlds, several adventure seeds for spelljamming ships visiting those planets, plus stats and writeups for three new monsters.

  • Qusamat, a waterworld ruled by deformed sorcerers
  • Emetdra, a frozen disc covered with the ruins of a hobgoblin empire
  • Chorasla, a bubble of swirling winds in wildspace
  • Gergit, a fire body orbited by a ring of solid basalt

The new monsters, the eyeball swarm and multi-winged byakh, are farspawn abominations brought to the Material Plane by the insane deity Qusamat.

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