Lidaene’s Fantastic Flora

You’ve heard the rumors – a strange new florist that opened on the edge of town, providing a variety of plant life most have never heard of. According to your sources, the shop only caters to those with a significant amount of coin, but if you can afford it, you can often walk out with something rare and useful. Intrigued, you set off, hoping to discover something wonderful.

Arriving at the strange glass building, you step inside, feeling the concentrated heat within upon your skin. The store is quite empty, with the exception of an individual draped in cloth that obscures most of her features. The exception to this is her piercing violet eyes, which rake over you for a moment before she gestures to follow her – an implicit promise to show you things beyond your wildest imagination.

This collection for 5th edition includes:

-a new NPC, Lidaene, and her incredible menagerie of strange plants, both ready to be dropped into your setting

-21 brand-new plants for your players to buy, care for, and reap the rewards of

-6 new plant-related items to help you care for your new purchases

This item has a PAY WHAT YOU WANT price.

This item is produced by Braeden Mills

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