Encounters Enhanced: Barovia—Part 2: Hinterlands of Barovia

Enhance your Encounters forCurse of Strahdor any campaign set in Barovia!

Encounters Enhanced: Baroviais a two-part supplement meant to amp up the encounter table found inCurse of Strahd. For use with any horror campaign but deeply imbedded in the gothic land of Barovia, challenge and reward your players with urban encounters inPart 1: Hinterlands of Barovia!

  • Includes 99 new encounters spread acros 6 tables, focused on Mount Baratok, the Svalich Woods, Tsolenka Pass, Mt. Ghakis, as well as a Day and Night table for use anywhere in the Domain of Barovia!
  • Encounters designed from Tier-1 to Tier-3, including witch initiations, unstoppable serial killers like Sweet Svetlana, and wayward Inquisitors of Ulmist!
  • Imbeds Barovia fully in the modern Ravenloft setting presented inVan Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, mixed with elements from novels and supplements in previous editions!

Want to enhance your Encounters in Barovia more? Check outPart 1: Cities of Barovia!

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