Glaurun, the Dragon Turtle! – Upcoming Loyalty Reward

Greetings Heroes!
With December around the corner, in addition to the new release, the time has come for the new Loyalty Reward!
Glaurun, The Dragon Turtle – December ’22 Loyalty Reward
Another massive entity, the new member of the World Breakers line of miniatures, Glaurun will come to your gaming table to put any adventuring party to the test!
93mm tall and almost 200mm in length, Glaurun will be an impressive piece to your display or gaming collection!
Like all our Loyalty Reward miniatures, Glaurun, The Dragon Turtle will become available as a FREE REWARD to all the patrons that support us for 3 consecutive months, currently from July to September.
You can check out how the Loyalty Reward System works here.
This miniature comes with presupported files and is cut in parts to be printable in small volume printers.
Glaurun will be delivered in December via MyMiniFactory to all eligible Patrons.
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December Release Hint!
To offer a hint of what will the December Release be, get ready to put on some heavy and warm clothes, as you will travel in the cold northern steppes where you will encounter some angry orcs!
We hope you like this new Loyalty Reward miniature! Happy printing everyone! ~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

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