Kit Gryloc’s Guide to Myths and Monsters – A Greek Bestiary

Welcome the dangers of Greek Mythology!

Kit Gryloc’s Guide to Myths and monsters contains 114 pages of content for your games of D&D 5E. You will find a great number of creatures adapted directly from Greek myth, as well as several original creatures inspired by aspects of it.

This book is not meant to be a historical representation of Ancient Greece in any capacity. It would be more accurate to think of it as a celebration of the mythology as part of the Fantasy genre and its place among popular culture.

Within this book you will find:

  • Over 60 creatures of various types.
  • Legendary Monsters and Mythic Encounters.
  • 2 Battlemaps, adapted for two different Mythic Encounters.
  • Magic items that correlate with one of the monsters from this book or with a tale from Greek Mythology.
  • Original art for a grand majority of the entries of creatures and magic items.
  • Specialized Tokens for use in VTTs like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, etc.

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The artist section of the description page couldn’t fit all of the artist’s names, so I shall include a section for them here:

Cover Illustrator: Matheus Contreiras (Aka Takeso)

Interior Illustrators: AlexArtYouReady, Andy Lever, Artcher, Ash Green, Benita Alonso, Blake Crawford, Bob Greyvenstein, Bruno Zachi, Caitlinc37, chz_illus, Dean Spencer, Direquest, DnDavid, Eduardo Abundis, Gitta Jocson, Graeme Bloodworth, Han, Hayden, @Ina_Koffen, Lukas Sanctum, JCMRoxy, Lanie Macabare, Miguel Pineda, Nathaniel Rosa, Naufal Mahaprana, Rach Rach, Sage, ShoddyShades, @Snakequeen211, Softgirl, StegoRio, Styr

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