Main Deck of the Ship Finished!

Hi everybody,
most of the release is finally finished!
The modular ship structure comes with two options: a more medieval boat without cannon slots and one for full broadise cannons. It also comes with a couple of variants for the castle (with fancy windows and completely close, in case you are going more for a cargo look). The masts have two options once again: without sails and with them. I think that the version without sail is the safest to print and probably the best version in general, since these are large slabs of resin and, you know, warping! To make the ship playable and printable I avoided putting lots of ropes tied around. They would have improved the look of it, but would have basically been unprintable (they’d be either too thin to print correctly or too thick to be believable in this scale, and you would’t be able to put minis on the structure anyway with all those ropes going around).
This upper deck build for the ship is 91 cm long, 58 cm tall and 30 cm wide (a lot of this space is taken up by the masts). As always, you don’t need to print the whole thing to use it, and can start small (the masts themselves are probably not going to be that necessary for tabletop play, although the platforms are playable!). Build instructions are given inside the folders.
That said, the set comes two kinds of weapon “batteries”: the cannons you have seen and the ballistas with harpoon and grappling hooks. These ballistas have two bases (to simulate a “turning” structure and one fixed), and two versions: one with the regular bolt in and one whithout a projectile, so that you can slide in the dart you prefer. Much like the cannons, these ballistas can be glued or left movable thanks to the very simple but effective hole/cylinder mechanism. Finally, there are combined versions that have the base and the ballista in a single file, but their mesh is not suck together: if you print them and remove the supports they should be able to tilt without any need for glue and assembly.
Oh, and needless to say: the broadside of the ship can host the crystal cannons of the lower deck (and vice versa: these cannons can fit in the lower deck broadside tile).
Deck Objects and props as well as decor for the captain quarters are also uploaded and supported.
As you can see in these renders this set is extremely detailed (those floor tiles have some deep textures!) and that’s why these folders are huge. To avoid download delays I have already sent out invites for MMF: let me know if you can’t access them for some reason 🙂
That’s it for now, I hope you like this set as much as I do 🙂 I’ll be back soon with some very classic (although not in D&D) and chaotic flying monsters to give this set a nice encounter, as well as last month’s armor and mimics.
Thanks for the support, and don’t forget to vote for January’s release!
I wish you happy hobby time! 😀

Check it out!