New Spotify Playlist DnD Antics

New Spotify Playlist: DnD Antics
Don’t lie to me! Your players are idiots! It’s just true! Don’t you friggin’ lie to me! They’re going to do dumb stuff constantly. Hijinks, tomfoolery, etc. And when they do, it’ll probably feel pretty discordant if you have some Epic Skyrim Soundscape playlist on loop. That’s just… not the right vibe.
So that’s where DnD Antics comes in. This collection of silly tabletop tunes will help you score those moments when your players are being exceedingly foolish. Whether they’re infiltrating a brothel in drag, trying to pawn off a goat as a God, or just generally defying the logic of your game world, you better have some silly tunes in your back pocket.
I’ve added this playlist to my master Spotify Playlist post. Speaking of which: if you haven’t checked out my whole range of playlists, definitely consider giving them a listen! While I think the Music d20 tracks on my playlists are quite good, I also would lose my mind if I had to only listen to Will Savino originals. There’s lots of cool stuff on these playlists that are worth your attention!

Check it out!