Wizard Spell Selection made Simple

How many times have you spent hours poring over your new character, working out and re-working out which spells they can have, only to find that you’ve gotten yourself in a muddle?

The struggle is real.

But, withSpell Selection Made Simple, the newest release from Duckslayer Games, You can have the tools to quickly and efficiently build your character, with none of that back and forth, swapping out spells as if you were climbing from level 1!

Each of these gaming supplements features a concise table of spells, which you can use to easily keep track of whether you have the right number of each level of spell, even when making a level 20 character from scratch!

With this new way of building your character, you’re free to spend more time playing and less time shuffling your spells around in an ever-increasingly stressed muddle into the early hours of the morning! All you need to worry about is which spells you want!

This title is just one of 7 Spell Selection made Simple titles released by Duckslayer Games!








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