Naval Collision — 40×30 — 3 Variants

Hoist the mainsail, secure the rigging, let’s set sail! Who doesn’t hope for a little nautical cruise to destress? Take in the cool sea air, feel the warmth of the sun kiss your skin. That’s to say, until you are currently being boarded by the vessel that just mashed through your hull. Or did you smash through theirs? Who’s to say?

This naval encounter can add a little spice to your seaward adventures. Pirates attacking? Chased down by the evil king’s navy? Mercenaries sent by the local shipwrights guild? The sea’s the limit!

This map pack includes3 detailed battlemapswith both opaque and transparent sails,in bothgridded and non-gridded.Rendered at70, 100, and 140 ppi —perfect for use in VTTs like Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20.

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