A Tale so Grimm and Haggard

This adventure can be used as a substitute for Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions for Candlekeep Mysteries. It details the story of a hag being imprisoned in a book of fairy tales and the party being sucked in to figure out what happened.

“A seemingly innocuous book of children’s fairy tales namedA Collection of Magic and Wonderfalls into the hands of the adventurers after being surrendered to Candlekeep in the collection of an Archmage by the name of Fallioth Greymond.

Unbeknownst to the characters, an evil Green Hag named Ethel Crowhollow was imprisoned inside the book and has been wreaking havoc on its inhabitants while seeking a way to escape.

When opened, the hag will write out a riddle to entice anyone who comes across it to join her in the book in exchange for something they desperately seek. Will the adventurers discover the truth behind the destruction of Grimmbrooke before the hag tricks them into dealing away their souls?”

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