Ghaash’kala: Paladins of the Wastes

Smite a path through the Demon Wasteswith this 5th-Edition expansion for the Eberron campaign setting. Ghaash’kala: Paladins of the Wastes is acomprehensive guide to the demon-slaying warriors, their culture, and the role they play in adventuresin a realm of ancient evil. Fight back against demonic champions, delve into the Labyrinth and reclaim ancient treasures for unique and diabolical adventures.

Warriors of the Wastes inlcudes both a DM guide and player synopsis for convenience, withdetailed lore, quest ideas, subclasses, magic items, monsters and more. This includes ready-made encounters for the Labyrinth to assist DMs with campaign planning, alongside campaign hooks for those wanting to explore the Demon Wastes in depth.

If you’re a fan of demons, doom and fighting back the dying of the light, the Warriors of the Wastes await!

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