Mountain Cult

The Cult Mountain

The Cult Mountain is a multi level map on a snowy peak of a mountain.

1st map

The basement can be accessed by taking the spiral staircase. Directly in front of the stairs is the living quarters with a large accumulation of sleeping bags. The bedroom is connected to a mountain spring water which is heated and used as a bath/spa. This pool is connected to a changing room. The last room within the basement is the library and lounge. A perfect place to place many seeds that the players may discover about the cults’ dealings.

2nd map

The second map is the entrance to the map. It has a large metal gate barring the entrance to the outside. The short hallway leads to the main staircase which leads to 1st map and 3rd map. The one other room on this floor is behind very large double doors. This room is perfect for a boss fight, with a lava pool, magical crystals (which could provide more power to the enemy), and a magical circle (which can be used for summoning the boss).

3rd map

The third map is upstairs. It is used as a large dining room and a private office space. The dining room has windows which lead to the outside. It is also connected to the kitchen and the storage area. This is a perfect place for players to find some gossip about the cult. The room with all the candles is a prayer room. And the last room is the head office. The office has two entrances, a main one and a private one which can be good for a quick escape or an assassination type mission. This is a great place to place the cults’ real goals.

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