Creature Crucible 24–Giant Revelatins

Hello my fellow explorers. I have again delved into the past of dungeons and dragons to inspire and update various creatures from older edditions. This time I look at and tried to find a host of monsters of the Giant variety to give to you.

Inside you will find the following stat blocks:

  1. Death Giant
  2. Death Giant Soul Mounger
  3. Dusk Giant
  4. Fire Giant Forge Caller
  5. Frost Giant Frost Caller
  6. Frost Giant Wind Keeper
  7. Frost Giant Hunters
  8. Mountain Giant
  9. Sollux
  10. Sollux Knight
  11. Sollux Sunspray
  12. Sun Giant

Let the creatures within this document drive you players mad with the hatred of giant-kind

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