Crystal Spheres – The Spacefarer Conversion

Crystal Spheres

The Spacefarer Conversion

Requires the AD&D SJA3 Spelljammer

Adventure Crystal Spheres, to play

by Igor Comunale

This conversion updates to the fifth edition ofDungeons & DragonstheAD&DSecond Edition Crystal Spheres adventure set in Spelljammer. This was the third Spelljammer adventure ever written, it deserves to be still played and enjoyied!

This adventure is suitable for characters from 5th to 7th level.

In this conversion you’ll find:

– a full 5th edition conversion of the adventure

– an adventure featuring a space voyage, a vampire tyrant, and the fight for freedom of an entire crystal sphere!

– newSpelljammer monsters

– full non player characters’ converted stat blocks with the same format as in theMonster Manual

– hours and hours of fantasy sci-fi space opera like game

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