Every Day is Halloween Day 20 Monsters; Sister Maryann Wentworth

So it turns out that Maryann Wentworth is a real person, that’s crazy because that is just a name I made up. Anyway here is Maryann Wentworth.
Maryann Wentworth was the head sister of the Divine Savior Holy Angles of The Sacred Heart school for Girls. One night well she was out walking in the courtyard she was attacked. The vampire that attacked her feed off of her and then turned her.
That night Sister Maryann Wentworth killed all the sisters she thought wear week, and turned the strong ones. She keep one sister alive, Sister Angie Delaray and dominated her, so someone could run the school during the day.
Now Sister Maryann Wentworth uses the school to find new sisters to join her undead army.
Maryann Wentworth
No.Appearing: Maryann and 3 other sisters
Size: Man-sided
Move: 12″ or 18″ flying
AC: 1
Hit Dice: Maryann 10+5 (96), other sisters: 8+3 (63,67,78)
No.Att: 1
Damage: 1d6+4
Special Att: Level drain, regeneration, Charm Gaze
Special Def:
% in lair: 25%
Intelligence: Exceptional
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
XP: Sister Maryann Wentworth; 4,962 Other sisters (13,936)
Treasure: 4,000 cp, 11,000 gp, 35 Gems, and 5 pieces of Jewlery

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