Every Day is Halloween day 21 Dracula’s Castle

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Every Day is Halloween day 21: Dracula’s Castle
Alright I was going to do the 5e version of Sister Maryann Wentworth, but it’s been a day and I wanted something easy.
I can’t remember if I have said what the adventure is or not so I am just going to write this post as if I have not and if I am I am sorry.
It’s going to be Dracula’s Castle it will be for OSRIC, For Gold and Glory, 3/3.5 and 5e. I don’t think every version will come out the same day, but I will try really hard to make that happen.
Legend says that Dracula’s castle has 99 level and once you enter you can never leave. But I was thinking today, that what if there was one way out but it lead to the The Divine Savior Angle of the Holy Rose School for girls. (I feel like I got that name wrong even though I made it.) anyway that’s right the only way out of Dracula’s castle is to enter the school of Sister Maryann Wentworth?

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