Luthen Haulcraft Smuggler Deckplan (22×24)

A new deckplan has arrived, and this time we have a spaceship inspired by the Fondor Haulcraft from Andor Star Wars series.
I was supposed to do just a smuggling ship with some hidden rooms and compartments, but I decided to add a regular trader layout as well. I hope you like the deckplan and find it useful.
I’ll keep this post short as I have some news coming this week. Until then!
Thank you for your support!
– Miska

Luthen Haulcraft, manufactured by the Voldor Shipyards, is a versatile and budget-friendly small freighter. The basic layout has a cargo hold and quarters for passengers. However, this deckplan has an alternative version with some modifications like upgraded engines and hyperdrive, a hidden turret, and concealed cargo space, and a hidden small cabin.
This map includes 14 variant versions with and without a grid and different lights.
Smuggler layout Trader layout Propped version Unpropped version Version with neutral lights PNG tiles with transparent background Size and Format Available File formats: JPG, WEBP, PDF, PNG, Universal VTT, Dungeondraft_map Dimensions: 22×24 squares / 3080×3360 px Resolution: 140 pixels per square Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square
As a patron of Miska’s Maps, you get extra variants for the map and other perks, depending on your tier.
Download your patron rewards from the links below:
Smuggler Rewards Basic Deckplan Pack (JPG, gridded and gridless) Roughneck Rewards Full Map Pack (JPG, gridded and gridless) Forgemaster Rewards Full Map Pack (JPG, gridded and gridless) PNG pack (tiles with transparent background) WEBP pack (includes all variants) PDF pack (gridded) Universal VTT files Starlord Rewards Full Map Pack (JPG, gridded and gridless) PNG pack (tiles with transparent background) WEBP pack (includes all variants) PDF pack (gridded) Universal VTT files Dungeondraft map files (Editable Dungeondraft map file) This map will be prepared for Moulinette Cloud, Forge Bazaar, and Foundry VTT module archive. This will take some extra time and will be available later. General Notes & Instructions:
You can find previews of different map variants in this post’s image gallery. If you get an error message (e.g., “error 403”), please ensure that you are logged in to your Patreon account and subscribed to the tier you are trying to download. Links point to separate zip files with different versions, variants, or file formats of the map. Basic Map Packs include the basic version of the map (gridded and gridless) in JPG format. Full Map Packs include all map variants (gridded and gridless) in JPG format. PDF files are print-ready, and when printed at 100% scale, each square is 1 inch on each side. PNG files are tiles with transparent backgrounds. Universal VTT files can be imported to various VTT platforms like Foundry, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds. WEBP files are compact image files that can be used in Foundry VTT, for example. Bonus Content links (when available) point to a zip file containing all bonus content like assets, audio tracks, tokens, and illustrations included with the map unless otherwise mentioned.

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