Portal (24×48)

Map pack number 128 This morning, when I left the inn, it was very hot, so under my armor I had only worn a shirt of fresh cotton. In front of that luminescent portal in the woods I had warned my companions: “Are you sure you want to cross it? We don’t know what we will find” And here we are, it’s snowing and it’s freezing cold … I’ll freeze to death
I have always been fascinated by the idea of going through a portal and finding myself in a completely different place, I also think that a situation like this can be a lot of fun in game sessions.
So here is a normal road in the woods, blocked by a foggy barrier, the only way to advance is a mysterious portal, but as soon as you cross it you find yourself in different places, or in the same wood but at different times.
Each portal is a journey through space and time.
And beyond that portal you can put whatever you want, in fact some additional versions are nothing but my maps of the past, added to that base
Alternate versions have differences in layout or in atmospheric and environmental conditions.
Enjoy this map pack!
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