Wilderness Map Pack 2

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all located in the wilderness. There is a Flooded Ruin, a Breaking Dam, a Magic Forest, a Buried Statue, a Swamp Hut, and a Jungle Temple. These maps come with and without a grid.

The Flooded Ruin is located at the bottom of a lake and features a broken altar, various broken statues, and a broken magic circle. The building is covered in moss and grime from the many years that it has spent at the bottom of this lake. Why is this building at the bottom of this lake? What creatures could call this mysterious place home.

The Breaking Dam is a large stone wall holding back thousands of tons of water from rushing down the now dry river. Cracks have appeared in the wall and spouts of water are shooting out. What could have caused such trauma to this massive stone dam, and what is at the end of this dried up river?

The Magic Forest features uniquely colored trees, some with glowing orbs for leaves. This forest hums with magical energy and is filled with magical creatures. Is this forest located on another plane of existence? If not, how did it get to the material plane?

The Buried Statue has a giant broken stone face and hand jutting out of a desert. The dunes wrap around this statue like it has been here for several hundred years. Is this just a statue? Or perhaps it was once a living giant turned to stone? Why is it out in the middle of a desert?

The Swamp Hut dwells within a spooky misty swamp filled with eerie sounds and colorful mushrooms. The hut is covered in these mushrooms and is in disarray. How long has this hut been here? Does something still live here?

The Jungle Temple sits within a lush jungle and is coated with vegetation. The multi-level pyramid seems to be from a lost civilization and worships a snake god. What kinds of rituals were performed here? Are there still worshippers of this snake god nearby?

These maps were made on Inkarnate.

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