Feasts & Festivals

The cobbled streets are packed, and the air is thick with the smell freshly baked pies, roasted nuts, and spilled ale. Laughter from children and adults alike fills the town as everybody has come out to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Festivals are a keystone of medieval fantasy, and Feasts & Festivals gives you all the tools you will need to create robust, but manageable scenes to astound your players.

This supplement includes

• Guides to create festivals, feasts, and circuses

• 20+ games and activities including dice games, dart throwing, and marital combat

• New monsters

• Rules for tournaments and jousting

• Mechanical support for fortune telling

• A framework for turning any monster’s statblock into a giant horde

• Boons to award to characters who become folk heroes

• The Dark Harvest and A Night at the Manor adventures

• Example celebrations complete with NPCs, encounters, and holidays ready for your players to explore

• And more!

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