One Eye

The head of a merchant guild from Phlan is traveling to Pilver’s Creek. From there she hopes to set up a settlment. She has recently heard that caravans have gone missing on the way to Pilver’s Creek. After consulting her crystall ball she believes she has found the proper adventurers to aid her in her travels.

This is episode 1 of an ongoing campaign called The Settlement. This campaign will take the adventureres on a journy into undeveloped lands past Pilver’s Creek. The adventurers will help to found a settlement on behalf of a merchant guild. What could go wrong?

Inside this adventure you will find

  • A PDF of the adventure
  • High Res VTT maps with no grid made with Campaign Cartographer 3+
  • A few new variations of monsters
  • The start of an amazing trek into the unknown

Feel free to email the author, Lance Campbell at, with any suggestions.

This adventure will be modified based on feedback from others.

It was ran at the MageCon online convention in 2020.

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