Subclass Subversions

Why does every class feel like a trope? Shouldn’t your characters have options that make them unique and different?

Of course they should.

Subclass Subversions takes the existing thoughts about each class and turns them on their head. Inside you’ll find flavorful non-traditional archetypes like a Druid who realizes the best way to preserve nature is to embrace the progress of humanity rather than to fight it. Or the Bard whose obsession with the world falling apart is keeping them from being a force of inspiration to their friends or their career. Play as a Cleric who thinks so highly of themselves that they need no other deity and wields a mirror as their holy symbol.

If flavor is less your cup of tea and mechanics are, then you’ll gladly welcome a Paladin with ranged smites, a Rogue whose brutal intimidation tactics fuel their sneak attacks, a Monk who’s not afraid to wear armor, and a Wizard specializing in unraveling the weave to make magic function sub-optimally for others.

Subclasses include:

  • Artificer: Demolitionist
  • Barbarian: Path of Composure
  • Bard: College of Doomscrolling
  • Cleric: Narcissist Domain
  • Druid: Circle of Civilization
  • Fighter: Tactician
  • Monk: Way of War
  • Paladin: Oath of Objectivity
  • Rogue: Ruffian
  • Ranger: Talisman
  • Sorcerous Origin: Armored
  • Warlock Pact: Friendship
  • Antithesist Wizard

From part of the team who brought you the best-selling Baba Lysaga’s Nocturnes & Nightmares!

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