Genasi of the Multiverse



Author’s Note

Hey there, folks! Cam here, with a new series for you all Lineages of the Multiverse! This grew out of a conversation I have SO MANY TIMES when I work with players to come up with characters for different settings “Well, what are X people like in X world?” And that is especially poignant with the worlds we find in the published Wizards settings.

We are presented with Faerun, Eberron, Ravnica, Ravenloft, Theros, Strixhaven (Arcavios), the Feywild, and the First World. Eight worlds don’t worry, Radiant Citadel and Spelljammer lineages are coming. But where to now?

I collected an amazing cast of writers and artists to help bring to life a series answering just that question what are X people like in X world. In this third book, we dive into one of the most unique lineages in 5e the genasi. Easily a super cool pick for first time players and incredible thematic to whatever environment they are in, the genasi were a popular pick amongst our writers to bring to life. Griffin, Val, and Annie had a lot of fun, with me sneaking my Theros genasi in there! And then Jen swooped in and CRUSHED it with the art.

With genasi, we all know they are connected to the elements, but, how does this change up from world to world? How do the brightlings of the Feywild differ from the purphodon of Theros, or from the incarnate of the First World?

It was a lot of fun especially in an art direction to take a classic people from D&D’s history and completely reimagine and redesign them. We hope you enjoy the second Lineages book as much as we enjoyed making it!


The Elements of the Cosmos…

Within this third book of the Lineages of the Multiverse, learn about the eight variants of genasi across the multiverse. From the Purphodon of Theros to the Lamannains of Eberron and the aetherwyrds of Ravnica, explore and meet them in an all new light!

Annie, Val, and Griffin did an amazing job bringing these seven new lineages to life using the Ancestry and Culture system and Jen’s art brings them all to life in beautiful fashion. I snuck my own little entry in there with the eighth lineage!

Keep your eyes tuned for more multiverse projects coming down the pipe!

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