☠️ Dungeon of Despair – NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

☠️ Dungeon of Despair – NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!
Greetings Heroes!
Our new KICKSTARTER campaign is LIVE! Visit the campaign page 👇

and take advantage of the 48 Hours Early Bird pledges!
In Dungeon of Despair campaign you will find:
⚔️ Awesome Hero and NPC miniatures!
👹 Iconic and fearsome Monsters and Villains!
🏰 Modular Dungeon and Cavern Tiles, with high & short wall options!
🚪 Interactive Doors, Traps and other scenery pieces!
🗿 Scatter Terrain Pieces!
🐤 48 Hours Early Bird Pledges!
💥More than 300 miniatures, as highly detailed 3D printable files!
💥More than 30 planned Stretch Goals!
💥Every Unlocked Stretch Goal added to your pledge for Free!
💥Pressupported files for Resin & FDM printing!
Dungeon of Despair is a unique collection of 3D printable files of fantasy scenery pieces, accessories, props, miniatures and modular tiles, everything you will ever need to create an awesome dungeon setup for your favorite tabletop games!
We will be excited to see you join us in this campaign and uncover the secrets of Dungeon of Despair! Thank you very much for your support!
Best regards, ~ CGF Team ~

Check it out!