CR15 & 16 Bestiary of top-down VTT tokens

CR15 & 16 Bestiary of top-down VTT tokens CR15 & 16 Bestiary of top-down VTT tokens More amazing dragons in CRs 15 and 16. I take particular joy in trying to give these epic creatures some personality. Just look at those faces!

I hope you enjoy these digital tokens and get lots of use out of them in your games. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it.
Included are:
Adult Bronze Dragon Adult Green Dragon Mummy Lord Purple Worm Adult Blue Dragon Adult Silver Dragon Iron Golem Marilith Planetar There are 9 tokens for Villagers and 46 for Shop Keepers. Take a look at what the Shop Keepers get:

Shop Keepers can download all 46 tokens here.
Villagers can download their set here.

Launching January 4th 2023!

All of the great tokens that you and Tom have helped me create, are going to Kickstarter! I’m producing acrylic minis of all these great tokens so you can use them at your tables, not just through VTT!

Launch date is now planned for January 4th. You may already have seen some ads from Backerkit on social media.
Go follow the project.

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~ Darryl T. Jones (aka Splattered Ink)

This set of tokens is brought to you in partnership with Tom Cartos!
Tom Cartos is creating Maps, Assets and more for TTRPGs. Check out his Patreon here.

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