Death Sorcerer!

Death Sorcerer! Death Sorcerer! Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! Our death sorcerer is here! Death knight reports to him. He also controls skeleton warriors. Maybe it’s like what Jorge said the death knight is also a elite skeleton warrior underneath his armor. We won’t know until he is defeated. Second image is line up for our up coming December release. There will be two variation of skeleton warriors for this release too. I am also working on bases for all characters. There is also some small edits I would like to make like adding book marks witch’s book. They will all be ready December 1st:) Huge thanks again to our friend Frank for all his help! I am sorry we won’t have the Death antler gargoyle for this round. Will have to get back to him in the future. I am thinking making him for the next release alone with a alt version of goblin from Golden axe. Also mount versions of our Heroes from this release. Maybe some other characters open for suggestions:) Please let me know what do you think. Thank you all!
Here are back story of the characters from Frank:
Legends ago a demonic gargoyle brought forth by the God of Death to wreak havoc over the lands. Thanks gargoyle was stopped by four legendary Heros however the death sorcerer seeks out to bring back this gargoyle leading forces of Undead and Death Knights. A new rise of new Female Heros tracing their ancestry back to the legendary Heroes. Can these New Heroes stop the sorcerer or is it too late?
The Death sorcerer An evil sorcerer that worships the god of death his magical power is brought forth the legendary death antler gargoyle.
Death antler gargoyle Forged by gravestones of Legendary Heroes of past by the god of death this creature create destruction and death.
The death Knights Fallen Knights from a long age of a forgotten Kingdom that worship the god of death and now serves the death sorcerer.
The Barbarian You are the Barbarian a mighty Warrior that fights with ferociously of a Bear. you Are armed with a the mighty Greatsword.
The wizard You learn from the great Academy of magic. You have a deep understanding of the Mystic Arts. You are armed with a staff and a book.
The Elf You Came From A Distant land where Elves rained Supreme. You are Master of the magic and sword. You are armed with the longsword and able to cast spells.
The Dwarf You are the mighty dwarf from a race of Master blacksmiths. You disdained by Magic and it’s trickery. You favor the tools of your disposal. You are armed with the mighty great Axe.

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