December: Militia of the High Kingdom

December: Militia of the High Kingdom
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Here we have the miniatures for Diciembre
Now we will start the testing and supporting them as usual, and once the miniatures are ready, we will upload them to your library on our website ( A post will be released once they are available.
For both new users and those who have not registered yet, please follow these instructions on linking your Patreon and website accounts:
Patreon rewards are automatically granted for the ongoing month perks.
For assigning the perks for the previous months, we will manually run a script (around 2-3 time a month) to check each user’s membership history and assing the corresponding rewards. So those of you who did not claim the month during its period will have to wait a few days for this to be launched.
During this month we will also test the June-July-August rewards
Thank you all very much and if you have any doubt, I’m here for you.

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