December Preview

December Preview December Preview Patron Download Link: (Will go up in the afternoon of the 1st)
Holy smokes, is it December already?? The year has just been flying by! I’d like to thank all our wonderful patrons for another great month of 3d printing hijinks. We love all the posts and comments here and on social media, Discord, Reddit, and beyond. We look at every single one, and it never fails to motivate us to create more sculpts and push the limits. We especially love to see peoples’ painted minis, so please keep showing them off and tagging us on social media.
We recently added a MidJourney AI bot to our discord server, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely swing by the CobraChat. Just connect your discord account to Patreon and the bot will drop you into our server automatically (may take about 15 minutes to show up). There have already been some amazing, hilarious, and sometimes frightening images generated in there 😅😅😅
December’s collection is set in the Taforalt Desert, in a small oasis area controlled by independent Hikiga. The Kasane Oasis is a new area that we haven’t explored yet, so this lore, while intertwined with the Mikata Wetlands, is separate and distinct. The desert versions of Hikiga and Hanzaki who have been emigrating from the Wetlands for thousands of years, a dusty Ryujin, and a new species (Owl-folk), which we haven’t seen before! MidJourney inspired our new Owl-folk mini, and will be sure to help us generate new ideas in the future.
We have wonderful bases and terrain by Calrais and Kittifizz this month, and Conflux Creatures and Oddball Owlbear are still hard at work on those 5E stats. Supported files, as always, are by Atlas3DSS.
If you’d like to read the lore for the entire CobraMode universe, make sure you check the CobraCompendium, which also has a numbered listing for every model we’ve sculpted at the end. If you want to read the teaser posts, which sometimes have some notes and asides that I don’t put into the official lore, look at the top of this posts section and click the WIP tag to see all of the previews 🙂
This Month’s Lore:
The Kasane Oasis is a trading post held by desert Hikiga, who split from rigid Mikata society thousands of years ago. They formed their community near a mysterious spring, from which both magic and water seep from the earth. It is theorized that the spring’s source is actually the entrance to a barrow realm filled with water, as the surrounding area has little to no ground water inherently. Thus the oasis is an extremely important trade gateway to the various communities of the Taforalt Desert and Jebel Irhoud, as there is no other water source between them and the Mikata Wetlands. Because of this special status, they are granted certain diplomatic privileges – both the Ryujin and the Mikata Hikiga refrain from interfering with Kasane society, and accord their leaders a certain level of respect that is not always granted to those who refuse to fall in line.
“Nothing in the Taforalt Desert is harder than the basalt dug from its vast quarries. Well, almost nothing…” -Former Headbutt Champion, Shingen Desert Hikiga Some Hikiga populate the Taforalt Desert, partially bordering the Mikata Wetlands. The Hikiga in this area have, over thousands of years, adapted to the dry desert climate and have some features that wetland Hikiga do not. For example, they have more numerous and larger bony protrusions (including on their tongues), their skin is more dry, and their secretions more toxic. They also have slightly different societal values. The wetland Hikiga treat body size as a marker of strength and vitality, while the desert Hikiga, with their harsher circumstances, tend to prefer a leaner physique.
“Searching for enlightenment is like searching for sand in the desert.” -Sohei Proverb Tajima – Desert Hikiga Monk The Sohei are an elite force of warrior ascetics who undergo harsh training and deprivation out in the Taforalt Desert. Despite this focus on martial skill, they are pacifists who abhor killing of any kind. Thus, they only train with and use blunt weapons and practice meditation and controlling their emotions, believing this to be the only way to truly master the fighting arts. Tajima, an acolyte of the order, is focused on the staff. He is fairly proficient at the weapon, but still needs to work on his meditative abilities.
Peering down at the bloody, frothing waters, Rasa smiled. The Trapjaw’s hunger and ferocity matched her own. “This one will do nicely…” -Rasa meets Kawako Rasa – Hanzaki Sand Mage The desert territory held by the Hikiga is an attractive place to emigrate to, especially for Hanzaki who want to learn magic. Because the Ryujin strictly control those who are allowed to ascend to their ranks, Hanzaki often “disappear” when they show an interest in magic without first obtaining permission to learn from their ruling Ryujin. Ancient Rasa is one such Hanzaki, and she likely would have been killed if she had remained in the Wetlands. Skilled in earth magic, she manipulates sand with ease. She has taught several pupils during her time in the oasis, and is a venerated figure there. She rides a rather fat and ornery Trapjaw Turtle named Kawako, and keeps water in jugs in case either of them gets too dry.
Kawako – Trapjaw Turtle Trapjaw Turtles are creatures native to the rivers of the Taforalt Desert. They grow to enormous sizes, and have powerful jaws that lock once closed – a death sentence for most prey. A trapjaw turtle can easily swallow a Hanzaki whole, and crush the bones of a Hikiga. Usually found lurking along river shores, they can nonetheless travel long distances overland without water. At night, Kawako lounges in a specially built pool that Rasa created for her.
Caravanserai profits, trade tithes, merchant guild fees, middlemen, market profits, and caravan protection rates… “The Great Scholar?” laughed Mikikashiya. “Humble Accountant more like!” Mikikashiya – Desert Ryujin of Knowledge Ever wily, Mikikashiya fled the Mikata as a Hanzaki to escape death at the hands of the ruling Ryujin. A born scholar, her thirst for knowledge set her apart from the usual fun-loving nature of most Hanzaki. Thus she survived for centuries, due to her usefulness as a researcher and intellectual. However, she always knew her days would be numbered. She caught wind of a plot by a rival Ryujin to assassinate her, and fled into the Taforalt Desert where she was eventually rescued by the desert Hikiga. After ascending, she took over the administration of the oasis due to the disappearance of her friend, savior, and the leader of Kasane Oasis, Hikihime.
Mikikashiya has the ability to create Intellectus Tsukumogami, objects with the ability to record, store, and play back information. These Tsukumogami are more complex than most since they are able to understand languages and speak, lending them an uncommon level of sentience.
The Amaura are an insular people who live in burrow villages scattered throughout the Taforalt Desert. Their hunters are rare and sought after for protection, assassination, and bounty hunting – it makes no difference to the Amaura. They consider any form of the hunt to be honorable and justified, valuing survival and utility above all else.
“Man or mouse, all are prey.” -Igidir II, legendary Amaura Hunter Tamalut – Amaura Hunter Tamalut is an experienced hunter who has pledged herself to her rifle, a ceremony signifying that she will live and die by it. True to her name (which means ‘shadow’), she is a stealthy and implacable foe. Her preferred methods are to stalk her prey over a number of days and snipe it from afar, being careful not to give away her presence. Some say that her kill count is as high as 600, but Tamalut herself claims that she doesn’t keep track. Calm, stoic, and a consummate planner, she has no problem walking away from a kill if the conditions are unfavorable – but they rarely are.
Lounes – Swordbill Bird Amaura Hunters often train an inconspicuous animal to help sight and track their prey. Swordbills are a common desert bird found throughout the Taforalt, making it an obvious choice for covert monitoring. Of medium intelligence, they feed mainly on insects that they dig out of plants, sand, and rocks with their namesake beaks.

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