Falthringor 03 – Assembled

Falthringor 03 – Assembled Falthringor 03 – Assembled For better or worse, we’re all wecome in the bailey Hey folks, and happy end of the month! We’ve got another Falthringor release for you today. This week’s release is all about Falthringor’s bailey (i.e. courtyard), the folks who spend their time there, and how your players might interact with such a space. Let’s jump right in!
Borough Guide Our document this week focuses on Falthringor’s spearmen, blacksmith, kitchen, and tournaments. This is practical stuff for any adventures in the keep. We provide a useful guide for how best to run “castle defense” combat, a table of unique weapons, and a bunch of information about kitchens that Will spent way too much time researching! Turns out they used to call lunch “dinner.” The medieval times were weird. Anyway, the whole guide wraps up with a tourney, replete with yak fencing and more. Go win those feathers!
Maps We love those scenes in Game of Thrones where two nobles have a conversation on the battlements. We also love those scenes in Game of Thrones where two nobles have a conversation in a muddy courtyard. This map has you set for both. This grimy bailey is well-trod, and it’s clear all sorts of folks hang out here: spearmen, smiths, priests, salesmen, and more. Swap to the green version if you feel like using a slightly less mucky version of the map.

Here at Borough Bound, we care a lot about food. As such, patrons at the Chief Courier tier and up gain access to the kitchens and the cavernous pantry that sits beneath the bailey. If you read the dang borough guide, you’ll learn just how important proper food is in a snowy mountaintop fortress. We’ve also got an interior map for the blacksmith’s forge, because you can never have too many of those.
Music Not all faux-Slavic folk music is gloom and doom. Some of it is bright and cheery! “Spike the Gourd” is the score for your next medieval tournament. As your party tries to win a round of “The Lonely Shepherd,” throw this on to set the mood! Alternatively, throw on the “(Lyre Impromptu)” variant if you need something lowkey for calmer moments in the campaign.

Get this week’s files below!
Delivery Kid
Falthringor 03 – Assembled – Delivery Kid Rewards
General Messenger
Falthringor 03 – Assembled – General Messenger Rewards
Chief Courier
Falthringor 03 – Assembled – Chief Courier Rewards

This week’s map variations:

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