Ordinary Dungeon Hall – FREE Release

Ordinary Dungeon Hall [14×20] – FREE Release
View all 7 images on Patreon ** Your steps leave clear marks in the long-term dust of these gloomy corridors, this dungeon is a real labyrinth, but not because of the tangled paths, but because of the similarity of passages and rooms, you tried to leave marks on the walls but they disappear on their own, seems like it remains to rely on luck. **
14×20 Encounter Map, Ordinary Dungeon Hall! You have been moving along these corridors for quite a long time, slowly, carefully, checking your path for traps. And now, behind one of the turns, there is another hall, what will be inside this time?
Despite its small size, this map has a sizable toolkit that allows you to use it several times without arousing the suspicion of your players. You can add new passages and remove old ones, create and close niches in walls, add columns and central objects of interest. And due to the ordinary design, this map can act as a piece of any dungeon.
This was more of a experimental smaller map that we wanted to test modular dungeon design on and see what’s possible and how we could utilize it in the future.
Overlay Tiles preview:

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FREE releases are also included our Foundry Module, fully integrated.
Latest FREE Foundry Module can be found here (v1.0.11+ required for this map)

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