Story Map Pack Breaking Dam

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all depicting a story of a breaking dam. The first map is the dam untouched, maps 2 4 are of the dam slowly breaking more and more over time, the fifth map is the dam finally bursting, and then the sixth map is the dam after it has burst and the water is rushing down the dry river bed. These maps come with and without a grid.

These maps can be used in whatever way you want. The intent was to progressively change the maps throughout combat to show as the battle progresses the dam is getting worse. Can your players stop whatever is causing the dam to break? Or will they be too late and suffer severe consequences? Is there a small town at the end of this river bed the dam was protecting? Or maybe the players need to break the dam in order to stop a raging forest fire. Whatever you decide, I’m sure your players will have a dam good time!

These maps were made on Inkarnate.

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