The Ghost of Rouge Crossing 1 Page Level 1 Encounter

So you’ve got some newbies and they’re ready to go, only you’re stuck rummaging through 600 pages of manuals, adventure guides, supplements, and unofficial content. What if you could print off a single page and have something cool for them to do? BEHOLD, this 1 page encounter!

The Ghost of Rouge Crossing is a 1 page encounter for Level 1 characters with a mysterious creature haunting an old bridge. THRILL as your players maybe drown themselves exploring! GASP as they don’t get the hints! SIGH with relief when the ghost tries to eat them anyway!

Is it as detailed as some things here? No! On the other hand, you can print it out and run it in like 10 seconds, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

It provides adventure hooks, the encounter itself, loot, and some interesting story hooks to drag them onward.

Should slot nicely into pretty much any setting.

This item has a PAY WHAT YOU WANT price.

This item is produced by T.H. Ravencroft

Check it out!

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