The Stone Quarry

The Stone Quarry The Stone Quarry A stone quarry has been dug haphazardly into the hillside, and circumstances now threaten to flood it completely!
This map began as one of my large-scale ‘remasters’ of old maps – this time the Abandoned Quarry – but soon developed into something much more complex. It was a lot of fun to basically make it up as I went, smacking down wooden walkways anywhere I thought they might be even slightly practical.
It all came together when I added the central pillar, which offered a sort of anchor for a bunch of wooden walkways. I like to imagine it as a temporary platform for the quarry-boss to shout orders from.

Next I pondered what sort of map variants I might make, and I was inspired by my memories of Dwarf Fortress and its aquifers to simply flood it. There’s a dry, partially-flooded, and completely flooded version.

Perhaps you could design an encounter around draining it, or perhaps you can spring a flood on your players mid-encounter? Maybe triggering a flood is a way for your PCs to solve some greater problem (or just cause chaos)? I’d love to hear your ideas below!
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Downloads Thanks to Patrons like you this map is released under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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