Voidweaver’s Web (SJ DC EBAL SPKY 03)

Written for a local convention, Spookycon, this is the third part in The Dreadzone series of adventures, but it can also be played as a one shot.

A group of adventurers follow a cryptic map into The Dreadzone, a nebula shrouded region of Wildspace ruled by a fearsome vampire lord. They seek an artifact which may hold the secret to stopping the vampire lord’s reign of terror.

This adventure is designed for three to seven 5th to 10th level characters and is optimized for five characters with an average party level (APL) of 8. Characters outside this level range cannot participate in this adventure.

This adventure occurs in Realmspace and a region of Wildspace known as The Dreadzone.

CONTENT WARNING Horror Themes, Spiders, Oppressed Undead, Possession


Gridded & Grid Free full color Battlemaps for each major scene, token for The Voidweaver, and a ship token, a red nebula space backdrop

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