WIP December Teaser! Tamalut, Amaura Hunter

WIP December Teaser! Tamalut, Amaura Hunter
“Man or mouse, all are prey.” – Igidir II, legendary Amaura Hunter
Phew, we made it just in time! This is the last figure for the December collection, an owl-folk bounty hunter and her little birb companion! Our idea for these owl-folk is that they’re hardened survivalists who believe that being a predator is natural. Thus they’re not concerned with what they’re killing, and consider getting paid to kill a normal part of survival.
This sculpt was inspired by one of the MidJourney AI rabbitholes that Erin went on late at night. We’ve been using it generate ideas and to help with weapon and accessory design, which it’s really been excelling at. Of course it all gets filtered through Erin’s sculpting, so changes and fixes need to be done to the designs. But overall, it’s a really great tool for mass-brainstorming sessions. Instead of Erin and I searching endlessly for reference to combine it with our brains, the AI is doing it for us much more quickly. It has some major weaknesses (as we’re discovering in the MidJourney chat on our discord 😂) and won’t totally eliminate us having to do that work. But it certainly makes it much easier and faster.
I hope everyone is excited for next month and another fun collection!!
Tamalut – Amaura Hunter
The Amaura are an insular people who live in burrow villages scattered throughout the Taforalt Desert. Their hunters are rare and sought after for protection, assassination, and bounty hunting – it makes no difference to the Amaura. They consider any form of the hunt to be honorable and justified, valuing survival and utility above all else. Tamalut is an experienced hunter who has pledged herself to her rifle, a ceremony signifying that she will live and die by it. True to her name (which means ‘shadow’), she is a stealthy and implacable foe. Her preferred methods are to stalk her prey over a number of days and snipe it from afar, being careful not to give away her presence. Some say that her kill count is as high as 600, but Tamalut herself claims that she doesn’t keep track. Calm, stoic, and a consummate planner, she has no problem walking away from a kill if the conditions aren’t favorable – but they rarely are.
Lounes – Swordbill Bird
Amaura Hunters often train an inconspicuous animal to help sight and track their prey. Swordbills are a common desert bird found throughout the Taforalt, making it an obvious choice for covert monitoring. Of medium intelligence, they feed mainly on insects that they dig out of plants, sand, and rocks with their namesake beaks.

Check it out!